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Using Sage, Incense, Florida Water for Cleansing

Using Sage, Incense, Florida Water for Cleansing



Do you often hear of people referring to using Sage, Incenses, Florida water, or crystals and feel completely out of the loop or even not interested? Dont feel bad , Ill help to break down a few of their benefits in just a few moments.

During the pandemic , we saw a surge of Tarot readers,spiritualists, and healers becoming more public on social media. You cant help but see that coming with Covid that had many of us in lock down and unable to leave from home. With the rise of people becoming more in tune with self. What does all this have to do with a plant, some smoke, and a rock?  Well, let me explain the differences of each and exactly why you may want to purchase them in the next coming months.

White Sage 1 piece

SAGE - (White Sage) 


Used by ancestors of the Native American lands White Sage was used to cleanse and purify. Tribes would use sage in ritual practices of clearing out negative , unwanted spirits and for purifying space to force bad energy to move out and asking for blessings to attract in. It is also known to release negative ions, repel bugs, kill bacteria, viruses,& fungi due to its antimicrobial properties.

No wonder it should be a new addition to your home life and especially during flu /covid season, its important to naturally keep the air around us free from harmful irritants. I tend to keep in mind, the saying that goes, "You can not heal in the same environment you got sick in." Whether its a negative home life filled with ; yelling, conflict, dark shadows , or the cold season coughs and sneezes that lingers in the air, sage is your best bet for its multipurpose uses.

How to Use

You can do this many ways , it just depends on what your using sage for and what kind. As with any spiritual practice like for clearing energy or a negative vibration. Praying before hand helps to provide protection and create a stronger intention for the use.. Repelling something like bugs, a prayer may not be necessary, though the choice is up to you.

-Set your intentions first.-

Speak out your intentions or visualize what you wish to accomplish. Speak it into reality so that it helps to really set it into action. Doing any spiritual practice for someone just starting out can be confusing and may not give you the best results if your intentions isn't set within you. Stepping in with doubt or fear can really throw yourself off. But with practice you will create your own way of doing things that work best for you and what your desiring.

Open your windows.

Its suggested when smudging to keep a window or door open to allow negative or stagnant energy to get pushed out. I personally dont think it has to be every time, but if its your first timer or cleaning your home top to bottom, defintely do so.

Light up your sage & begin smudging yourself first cus' chillee sometimes it be us causing trouble. Allowing the smoke to circulate around your body praying for the holy spirit to protect your mind, body, spirit and allow the smoke to act like a shield to cleanse and keep your aura safe from negativity.

Then move to one corner of a room or the front door and begin to walk around the perimeter blessing your home with a prayer , saying mantras, speaking over your home as its your sanctuary. I like to say my prayer asking Holy spirit to use this "spiritual tool" to bless, purify, and cleanse away negative energy, stagnant thoughts, feelings, and emotions that have been keeping me stagnant or in a low vibration from my home. I ask those of the most high to "Allow my space to be filled with love and purity as the negativity flows out and not return." 

When you'v smudged every room, you may feel led to finish where you first started or let the smoke burn for a while. If you chose to stop at a doorway, you may say a pray to " seal " it as an exit for negative energy so that only positive vibes and love may enter into your home. Now your done!

Close the windows and light an incense or Palo Santo to revive your space with calm relaxing scents that helps to invoke positive vibrations.


When I first started living on my own this was a must do practice for me. I felt it really set the vibe in my home, any time I knew someone would come over I sage them and my doorway. They probably thought I was crazy at first but over time they knew that my home was my peaceful place & so was I.


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