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“A Self portrait of Young woman as Heartofwar ,suffocating in the emotions & traumas going on in her external life. Unable to speak her truths scorn from expressing her self before. She is tied down by her wordly captors. She fumes of her firey essence so in the darkness she glows. Fighting against what captivated herself before , is a heart of war : Unforgiving , unapologetic, ruthless. This is the moment before she breaks free and fully blossoms. She releases to embark on a journey towards freedom, love, self expression, thru creativity.


HEARTOFWAR is a state of being, similar to the dark night of the soul. What are you most passionate for? Are you willing to find peace & love within a world focused on turmoil. Being strategic in the Art of War as a woman of a mans world.

An acrylic art portrait Heartofwar, part 1 of a series of the “Días de Los Muertos Vivientes” , artist Nelli J Original Self Portrait, First Public Work. 24×20 on Canvas, Made in Baltimore, Maryland

Inspiration of HEARTOFWAR Novel see :

An Upcoming novel based on the triggered childhood of a young woman forced to fit  in a society against womens empowerment & advancement written for independent women embarking on a powerful healing journey aspiring to seek their ultimate growth, success , and rise of their divine femininity. Book Release June 2022. 

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This is the Original Portrait painted in 2010

Heartofwar is a state of being between fighting what your most passionate about and letting go of the conditioned patterns embedded into us from our youth & past traumas to achieve the ultimate success we desire , whether its in love, self love , happiness, success, financial abundance. Its the self healing journey we must all face inorder to shed from our old beliefs into the rising of the true authentic Pheonix of which our souls purpose lies.


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