Motivation Pullover

Heartofwar Motivational

Hey guys! When I decided to create this design , I wanted something that would inspire and motivate myself to keep going when I would have a rough day , Im a very visual person so I have to see a reminder to stay on track. This HEARTOFWAR MOTIVATION PULLOVER also known in varies places on the site as the “Motif” features a cool glow in the dark neon words and some heat sensitive letters. Its very cozy and handmade with love. So know when your making a purchase for this particular style its being cut out, pressed, and packaged with all my love, I appreciate everyone support especially YOU for reading this blog!


Have you purchased from us yet? If not , what are some designs your hoping to see? Would you like this in a second color?  Leave a comment below! You just might see it in a future post <3


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