The Heart of War Project :

Leading Passion to Profits 

Heart of War was founded in 2013 by a young artist by the name of Nelli J, while searching for a means to express her self in art, she found comfort in expressing herself in any way she could between painting, doing freelance makeup, fashion, and performing tattoos on her friends and family members. It was thru her passion for creativity and arts while dealing with the troubles she faced at home that lead her to experience her journey as a “HeartofWar” seeking self expression of her desire of peace thru out the chaos.

The HeartofWar Project is a community program where local children can create their own designs for clothing, art, plus more and make profits off their collection. Because of this Nelli J designed this program to help young teens and kids to not have to go thru the struggle of being on the streets and focus more on creating positive and legal income while also showcasing and promoting their work at young ages. Allowing the chance to build confidence and mold the young generation into young creatives.

During the 2021 summer HeartofWar and Fix Baltimore worked together to host afterschool workshops encouraging kids to develop what they enjoy the most, creating.  With more funding we would love to host more afterschool and virtual programs that are kid and teen friendly to offer courses in each field of art, makeup, tattoo, gardening, and paintings. The HOW program helps to also aid in the pursuit of establishing a business and creating the products thru a company called Xpressed Custom which hires teens and young adults showing them the ins and out of business while setting up a foundation for their own future endeavors.

Our main focus is to create a simple means of establishing a business or profits without the headaches of hustling for start up equipment or operating a full scale business. Teen and kids merch are promoted in our Boutiques. 

To fund our project, we accept donations and alliances with other small businesses. Our goal is to fund the tuition or startups of our kids as they grow.