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Cultural Activist Paving the Forefront in Unique Ways


From hosting events, group meditation, prayer calls , and being an activist in the Baltimore community, The “Vibe Doctor”... 


She isn’t just a Boutique Owner , though her store front has one of the best style selection in the city , she is a boss babe  on the...


A Full Time Welder of almost a decade , Keith Cooper has undoubtedly become one of the best in his field of work. But...


For some time we’ve been watching the growth of Kyndal and how bold she takes big risks to climb the ladder of her..


Every month we are showcasing a Small business owner who’s been pushing passed the barriers of the unknown to pursue their Dreams.

Courageous Small Business Highlight 

Kaleena Anderson-Lyn 


Read more about how she is #dreamingbig with a HeartofWar 

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