What are you most passionate for ? Billionairepa

July 1, 2021
Miami, Florida –

HeartofWar Asks, What are you most passionate for ?This week, Dream Influencer Billionaire Pa tours the East Coast to speak one on one with his followers , uplifting , and inspiring those to continue to strive towards their dreams. With his high upbeat energy and words of conviction, he not only speaks life into himself but also as a motivational speaker that started off in
a small town in Alabama in and out of the jail system at a young age. Growing up he describes his life as being engulfed in negativity; death, sadness, and destruction. He made a choice to change his life around and took a spontaneous faith based road trip as he drove for 3 days to start his life in California.  While living out of his car , he kept himself empowered writing messages and quotes on his car that helped him to build his very own “Wealthy Mindset” . We call that having a heart of war , he had a dream and went for it despite being homeless without work. He was able to create life on his own terms. It was his passion for success that lead him to write over 100 books and grow his social media following to 100k. Today he is living out his dream of having a Wealthy mind  and spreading positivity. You can follow him on Instagram @BillionairePa. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Billionaire as he is very engaging with his followers. We love to see our Black Men dream and hold their visions of success high. Do you have a story to tell ? What are you most passionate for? Do you have a Heart of War? Share it with us here and get a chance to be interview by us.  As BillionairePa says, “Speak Your Dreams into Existence “

Here is a few of his earliest videos TedTalk speech found on Youtube. Along with some video content on two of his Youtube Channels @WealthyMinds & @Billionaire Pa

Purchase his Merch to support his movement by visiting his website at https://wealthymindsonline.com/ 

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